Radiofrequency Ablation

BÂRRX System: Advanced Ablation Technology for Barrett's Esophagus

The BÂRRX System is designed to remove the Barrett's epithelium in a short, well-tolerated endoscopic procedure and offers an alternative to "watchful waiting" for patients with intestinal metaplasia, low-grade, and high-grade dysplasia.

Clinically Tested

  • Clinical evaluations completed for all types of Barrett's tissue
  • Comprehensive peer reviewed publications including the New England Journal of Medicine
  • Prospective, multi-center, BÂRRX  patient registry allows for treatment and follow-up under a centralized IRB approved protocol

Predictable Results

The proprietary technology incorporated in the BÂRRX System is designed to maximize clinical outcomes and completely remove the Barrett's epithelium without significant injury to the underlying tissue.

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